Are Janelle and Kody Still Together?

The renowned reality TV show, “Sister Wives,” has been a source of intrigue, detailing the polygamous lifestyle of the Brown family. A pivotal element of the series is the evolving relationship between Janelle and Kody Brown, leaving fans speculating about the current status of their relationship.

The Separation:

In a revealing special during the show’s 18th season in December 2022, Janelle and Kody announced their separation. After a spiritual union lasting over three decades and six children, the duo embarked on individual paths. Although they never had a legal marital status, their spiritual bond began in 1993 when Janelle joined the family as the second wife.

Janelle’s New Journey:

Post-separation, Janelle has been on a journey of self-renewal, currently living in Flagstaff, Arizona. Originally residing in a trailer on the family’s land, she opted for a rented apartment downtown, establishing her newfound independence and sharing snippets of her life through social media.

Kody’s Perspective:

Kody, acknowledging his split from both Christine and Janelle Brown, has been open about the relational struggles showcased in the 18th season of the show. He disclosed Janelle’s apparent satisfaction with her life post-separation, bringing to light the underlying issues within their partnership.


Janelle and Kody, despite their severed romantic ties, are traversing their separate paths, with the series shedding light on their singular experiences and adaptations to newly unfolded realities.

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