Babylon Berlin Season 4 On Netflix USA

Babylon Berlin Season 4 On Netflix USA: If you had asked me back in January 2023 what my most anticipated show of the year was, the answer would be a no-brainer: Babylon Berlin. This sentiment echoes not just in my circle but also in broader TV-enthusiast communities. There’s a good reason for this consistent excitement. Babylon Berlin has captivated audiences with its intricate mysteries and a vivid portrayal of the crumbling Weimar Republic, making it the most anticipated show for many in both 2022 and 2021 (Polygon).

Where is Season 4?

The question “Where is Babylon Berlin season 4?” is becoming frustratingly familiar. We’re now staring down another year of anticipation, another list of the hottest TV shows yet to come. The suspense we’re experiencing is comparable to waiting for Rihanna’s next album (Polygon). Interestingly, Babylon Berlin Season 4 has already premiered—in Germany.

The German-U.S. Release Gap

The perplexing issue is that while the season has been fully released in Germany, viewers in the U.S. are still waiting. This situation is intriguing enough to match the mysteries unraveled by the show’s lead characters, Gereon and Charlotte. Why this obvious discrepancy in release dates? And more importantly, did Netflix cancel Babylon Berlin?

No, Netflix Didn’t Cancel It

The good news: Netflix didn’t cancel Babylon Berlin. In fact, the show has been greenlit for a fifth season. So, the delay isn’t a result of cancellation but stems from corporate rights (Polygon).

Behind The Corporate Curtain

The holdup boils down to corporate rights. Babylon Berlin is a co-production between ARD Degeto, a German free TV network, and Sky Deutschland, a Comcast subsidiary. The licensing agreement stipulates that Sky gets to air the show first, followed by ARD, before it becomes available on Netflix in the U.S. This year had a twist: Sky announced that it was closing its German scripted originals arm, adding another layer of complication to the situation (NY Breaking).

A Glimmer of Hope

Despite the complications, the show managed to escape cancellation, thanks to commitments for a fifth season by ARD and its producing partners. However, the release date for the U.S. remains uncertain. The show won’t likely be available on Netflix U.S. until after it airs on ARD, which is scheduled for October 1st. Whether it will be immediately available on Netflix U.S. or not remains a question (Polygon).

Final Words

So there you have it. Though the first three seasons are streaming in the U.S. on Netflix, the wait for the fourth season continues. Here’s to hoping that our most anticipated show of the year makes its way to us sooner rather than later. Whatever year that happens to be.

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