Bath and Body Works Detergent Review

Bath and Body Works Detergent Review: Bath and Body Works is known for its wide range of fragrant products, and their new laundry detergent line is no exception. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at the Mahogany Teakwood scent.

First Impressions

When I received my Bath and Body Works laundry detergent bottle, I was pleasantly surprised by its size. The 32oz bottle was larger than I expected, which was a nice bonus. As soon as I opened it, I was greeted by a concentrated scent of Mahogany Teakwood. Initially, I was concerned that the fragrance might be overpowering, but after testing it on a small patch of clothing, I found that it was subtle and not at all overwhelming.

Washing Performance

For my first load, I decided to wash dark workout clothes that were all black, navy, or dark grey. The detergent performed well, leaving my clothes clean and fresh. The Mahogany Teakwood scent was faint after drying, but I would have preferred a slightly stronger fragrance. It’s worth noting that the scent may vary depending on the amount of detergent used.

Price and Shipping

Bath and Body Works laundry detergent costs $19.95 per bottle. However, during the pre-sale period, I was able to purchase it for $11.95. The shipping cost was $6.99 flat rate. While the detergent price didn’t bother me due to my preference for specialty products, the shipping cost is something to consider.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Bath and Body Works laundry detergent is a great addition to their product lineup. The Mahogany Teakwood scent is pleasant and not overpowering. While the price may be higher than other detergents on the market, it’s worth considering if you enjoy fragrant laundry products. If you’re looking for a new detergent, Bath and Body Works is worth considering.

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