Big Brother Spoilers: Who Won HOH Tonight?

It’s been another exciting week in the Big Brother house! A new Head of Household was crowned tonight after an epic endurance battle. Let’s break down what happened.

The Pressure Cooker Returns

As detailed by Source 1, the iconic Pressure Cooker competition from Big Brother 6 returned this week to determine the new HOH. This brutal endurance challenge requires houseguests to squat inside a small box and hold down a button. If they release the button, they are eliminated.

The competition incorporated darkness, cold temperatures, and even snakes hissing to throw off the competitors. It quickly became a battle of both physical and mental wills.

Hours of Endurance

According to Source 2, all the houseguests impressively lasted for the first few hours. But around the 9 hour mark, competitors like Izzy, Matt, Bowie, and Red got eliminated one by one.

Morning came and several others dropped out including Cory, Blue, Jag, and Mecole after over 12 hours squatting.

America vs Cameron Showdown

As noted by Source 3, the competition came down to a final showdown between America and Cameron. Both insisted they could endure for hours or days longer.

But finally at the 13 hour 50 minute mark, America’s thumb slipped off the button and Cameron was crowned the new HOH!

What’s Next for Cameron’s HOH?

With the power now in his hands, it will be interesting to see if Cameron nominates the obvious target Felicia or makes a bigger power move. Stay tuned for nomination spoilers soon!

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