Colorado Mother Wanted for Murdering Kids Nabbed in London Hotel

In a tragic turn of events, Colorado mother Kimberlee Singler now faces extradition from England to stand trial for unfathomable crimes – the alleged murders of her young son and daughter alongside the attempted killing of another daughter. Singler disappeared in December, shortly before the grisly discoveries. Now detained overseas, many troubling questions still await answers regarding her motives and mindset.

The Mysterious 911 Call Report

On December 19th, Colorado Springs police responded to a midnight 911 call claiming a burglary was in progress at Singler’s residence. However, arriving officers instead encountered the 35-year-old mother and her surviving 11-year-old daughter – both injured from unspecified trauma.

Tragically, officers further located two deceased children inside the home. Initial information pointed to a 7-year old son and a 9-year old daughter murdered on scene. As morbid details emerged afterwards, investigators determined the original reported burglary proved unfounded. The exact circumstances leading to the violence still await official determinations pending Singler’s legal proceedings.

Colorado Mother Wanted for Murdering Kids Nabbed in London Hotel

Mother Vanishes Amidst Custody Dispute Context

Notably, at the time of the murders, Singler remained locked in an intense custody battle with her ex-husband and children’s father, Kevin Wentz. Court orders just days earlier directed Singler to surrender her kids for a scheduled supervised visit she allegedly ignored.

So when the December 19th assaults transpired, she resided in Colorado Springs without official custody rights while facing escalating court interventions to enforce the judge’s access ruling against her. Some UK media reports speculate such context preceded the family tragedy. However, domestic violence often proves complex with no simple triggers.

Overseas Arrest Ends Manhunt

In wake of the high-profile homicides, both local police and federal US Marshals launched urgent manhunts to secure Singler into custody immediately for questioning. Her disappearance in the days following emergency hospitalization of her surviving daughter fueled urgent public safety concerns.

Ultimately, UK law enforcement located and arrested Singler on January 21st, hiding within a London hotel almost a month removed from fleeing Colorado investigations. She now faces extradition orders to return under American federal jurisdiction for further prosecution refused consent to repatriate voluntarily thus far.

Path Forward Remains Highly Unclear

Ahead of the final extradition outcome later this month, tragic questions linger regarding legal consequences and psychological underpinnings alike for such modelled maternal conduct. Speculation continues around what combination of custody disputes, mental breakdowns or underlying systemic abuse dynamics could enable such extreme violence though facts remain murky.

And the family itself issued only a brief statement so far focused simply on praying for the remaining niece’s recovery and protection. Undoubtedly, long, complex legal proceedings and emotional healing await before this community restores any sense of closure, if even possible, for such grief. Perhaps in due time, public details will clear, but it will never be enough to rationalize away innocent suffering fully.

Here is the current timeline of key events in the case so far:

➕ December 2022 – Family court orders police custody transfer

➕ December 16 – Singler fails to appear for scheduled handoff

➕ December 19 – Three children found assaulted at home with two deceased

➕ January 21 – Singler arrested overseas in London hotel

➕ Extradition hearing awaits final ruling


While investigations continue attempting to unravel contributing circumstances, the baseline facts of such intimate violation speak for themselves regarding severity and enduring trauma. However, Singapore comes to reckon judicially with her alleged actions overseas; local hearts already mourn irreparable wounds severing sacred maternal bonds at horrific costs all strata of the community. May just wisdom guide all relevant institutions enacting aftermath, rippling inevitably further as we collectively grapple for consolation.

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