How many kids does Dubai Bling season 2 star Zeina Khoury have?

Dubai Bling has quickly become one of Netflix’s most binge-worthy reality shows. The series gives viewers an inside look at the opulent lifestyles of ultra-wealthy Arabs and expats living in the glittering city of Dubai.

One of the show’s standout stars is Lebanese-Emirati fashionista and influencer Zeina Khoury. The cameras follow Zeina’s designer shopping sprees, lavish parties, and family life in her luxury villa.

But who is Zeina beyond the glitz? And how many kids does this doting mom have? Let’s take a closer look at what makes Zeina tick when she’s not dripping in diamonds.

Introducing Zeina Khoury – Dubai’s Fashionista Mom

38-year-old Zeina Khoury was born in Lebanon but moved to the UAE when she was 18 years old. She currently resides in Dubai with her husband, Omar Khoury, and their three children.

Zeina is a graduate of the American University of Sharjah where she studied fine arts. She put her creative talents to use, launching her own fashion brand called Zee by Zeina, which offers trendy womenswear.

When she’s not designing chic looks, Zeina enjoys yoga, travel, and spending quality time with her tight-knit family. She’s also highly devoted to various philanthropic causes, championing health, education, and women’s empowerment.

With nearly 600k Instagram followers, Zeina gives fans a glimpse into her jet-setting lifestyle via glamorous social media posts. Now in Dubai Bling, her flair for high fashion takes center stage.

Zeina and Omar’s Whirlwind Love Story

Zeina met her husband Omar Khoury shortly after moving to Dubai more than 15 years ago. Their first encounter was at a mutual friend’s party.

Omar, born in Lebanon, was an established businessman running a line of luxury car dealerships and watch boutiques in Dubai. Meanwhile, Zeina had just embarked on her design career after graduating university.

Despite coming from starkly different worlds, it was practically love at first sight. The two quickly became inseparable, bonding over shared cultural roots and values.

Within a year of meeting, 22-year-old Zeina and 31-year-old Omar decided to tie the knot. Ever since their fairytale wedding, the fashion designer and luxury car mogul have been one of Dubai’s ultimate power couples.

Welcoming Three Children Into the Khoury Family

Shortly after getting married, Zeina and Omar started their family together. Zeina gave birth to their first son, Zayd Khoury, in 2007 when she was 25 years old.

Three years later in 2010, the couple welcomed their second child, daughter Zara Khoury, into the world.

In 2014, Zeina and Omar completed their happy family with the birth of son number two, Zane Khoury.

As seen on Dubai Bling, the Khoury kids are no strangers to a life of luxury. From couture fashion to exotic vacations, Zeina and Omar spare no expense giving their children the very best.

But Zeina also works hard to keep her kids grounded by teaching them the value of charity, culture and family.

A Day in the Life of Zeina – When She’s Not Filming

While Dubai Bling showcases Zeina’s glittering social life, her off-camera days are more about family and business.

A typical weekday morning starts with ferrying the kids to school, before heading to her fashion studio. There, Zeina meets with designers and samples fabrics and styles for her Zee by Zeina collection.

After picking up the children and helping with homework, evenings are for family dinners and quality time. Zeina’s parents also live with them, so there’s always loving multigenerational energy in the household.

Most weekends, Zeina and the family get away to a luxury resort or their villa in Lebanon. Zeina mixes work and play by bringing sketchpads to design her next collection. Omar spends time with the kids while sneaking in business calls.

While taping Dubai Bling, Zeina’s schedule became even more hectic. But she’s a pro at balancing her career ambitions with being a hands-on mom.

Zeina’s Top 3 Parenting Rules

When asked about her approach to parenting, Zeina emphasized these key principles:

1. Lead by example – Zeina works hard to exemplify compassion and integrity through her own actions. She wants her kids to learn what really matters most in life – like giving back.

2. Embrace curiosity – Zeina nurtures her kids’ interests inside and outside the classroom. She exposes them to arts, culture, sports, and diverse people so they can find their passions.

3. Make time for family – Despite her busy schedule, Zeina stays anchored to family traditions like shared meals, yearly vacations, and daily check-ins with the kids.

Zeina states that above all, she aims to put family first and raise her kids to be well-rounded human beings with strong values. The tight family bond seen on the show confirms her success.

A Sneak Peek Inside the Khoury Family’s Opulent Dubai Lifestyle

Between Omar’s business endeavors and Zeina’s fashion brand, the Khoury clan enjoys an outlandishly luxe lifestyle. Here are some peeks:

  • Home – Their sprawling Dubai villa has 7 bedrooms with round-the-clock staff for cleaning, cooking, childcare, and event planning.
  • Cars – The family has a Rolls-Royce Cullinan, Bentley Bentayga, Mercedes Maybach, Ferrari Portofino, and other high-end vehicles.
  • Jet-setting – Zeina, Omar and kids take exotic vacations each month to places like the Maldives, Monaco, Italy, and Bora Bora.
  • Shopping Sprees – Zeina thinks nothing of dropping six-figures in an afternoon at luxury boutiques on shoes, bags, jewelry and more.
  • Parties – Zeina has lavish birthday parties for her kids at five-star resorts with entertainment, buffets, and piles of gifts.

Zeina is the first to acknowledge how blessed they are. She teaches her children to stay grounded amidst all the excess.

Zeina’s Heart of Gold: Philanthropy and Community Initiatives

What’s most admirable about Zeina Khoury is her dedication to giving back. She devotes time, money and influence to supporting cherished causes.

Alongside her husband Omar, Zeina launched The Zee for Humanity Foundation in 2020. The organization supports women’s empowerment, children’s health, refugee aid, education access, and sustainability across Lebanon and the UAE.

The charity hosts fundraising galas and awareness campaigns that Zeina leverages her celebrity status to promote. She also makes large personal donations, though never discloses exact amounts.

Zeina often speaks about the importance of philanthropy, stating:

“I hope to inspire the next generation of Arabs to understand the duty we have to lift up those in need. Giving is at the core of our culture.”

Her altruism shines as her most admirable quality.

What Does the Future Hold for Zeina and Her Family?

Looking ahead, Zeina Khoury seems eager to continue growing her fashion label Zee by Zeina. She speaks of plans to expand from clothing into accessories, perfumes, home goods, and beyond.

Zeina also hopes to have more children and give her existing kids a sibling or two down the line.

And with Dubai Bling’s runaway success, Zeina is surely to remain a main cast member for future seasons if the show continues.

No matter what new ventures arise, Zeina aims to stay true to her roots – loving her family, giving back, and empowering other women to shine.


Zeina Khoury leads an undeniably lavish lifestyle alongside husband Omar and their children Zayd, Zara, and Zane. With luxury cars, first-class travel, and a stunning villa, Zeina has all of Dubai’s opulence at her fingertips.

But at the core, she is grounded in her devotion to family and charity. Zeina works hard to teach her kids the value of compassion while enjoying all the perks their privilege provides.

Dubai Bling may highlight Zeina’s extravagance, but it’s her heart of gold that makes her a standout. She’ll undoubtedly continue to make her mark as mom, entrepreneur, influencer, and philanthropist extraordinaire.

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