How To Beat Mewtwo Tera Raid Using Mew?

How To Beat Mewtwo Tera Raid Using Mew? Mew is the key to defeating the ultra-powerful Mewtwo in its limited-time Tera Raid event in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. With the right moveset and strategy, a well-prepared Mew can take down its genetic predecessor.

Why Use Mew Against Mewtwo?

According to this guide, bringing Mew to battle Mewtwo provides it with a 50% HP boost and 20% increase to its other stats. This transforms Mew into a formidable fighter capable of rivaling Mewtwo.

As explained by this article, Mew’s vast movepool also gives it type coverage to hit Mewtwo’s weaknesses. Dark Pulse exploits Mewtwo’s vulnerability to Dark types.

Pokemon Scarlet Mewtwo Raids

Recommended Moveset for Mew

Based on the advice from this guide, Mew should have setup moves like Swords Dance to boost its Attack. Powerful physical STAB attacks like Leech Life and Drain Punch are ideal.

Mew can also learn support moves like Light Screen to reduce damage taken. Having a way to heal like Life Dew or Pain Split is recommended too.

Battle Strategy for Mew Against Mewtwo

As suggested by this article, start by using stat-lowering moves like Struggle Bug on Mewtwo. Then set up with Swords Dance before unleashing powerful attacks.

Be ready to re-boost your stats if needed. Work together with other Mews to provide healing and support. With persistence, Mew can defeat its genetic predecessor Mewtwo.

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