Is Raising Hope Leaving Hulu?

 Is Raising Hope Leaving Hulu? Raising Hope is a popular TV show that has garnered a dedicated fan base over the years. However, there have been discussions about the show’s availability on streaming platforms like Hulu. Let’s explore the current situation and find out if Raising Hope is leaving Hulu.

The Fox Contract and Netflix

In the past, Raising Hope was available on Netflix due to a contract between Fox and the streaming giant. However, this contract lapsed, and Netflix decided not to renew it due to cost concerns. As a result, Raising Hope left Netflix and found a new home on Hulu. All four seasons of the show are currently available to stream on Hulu.

Recent Discussions

There have been recent discussions among fans about Raising Hope leaving Hulu. Some users on Reddit have noticed that the show is scheduled to leave Hulu on October 1st. However, it’s important to note that these discussions are based on user observations and may not reflect the actual situation. Streaming platforms often make changes to their content lineup, and it’s possible that Raising Hope might be moved to a different streaming service in the future.

Possible Alternatives

While there is no official confirmation about Raising Hope’s availability on other streaming platforms, some users have speculated about potential alternatives. One suggestion is that the show might be moved to Disney+ since Disney owns Fox, the network on which Raising Hope originally aired. Another user mentioned that the show might be available on Prime Video. However, it’s important to keep in mind that these are speculative suggestions and not confirmed information.

Stay Updated

If you’re a fan of Raising Hope and want to stay updated about its availability, you can use websites like provides up-to-date information about where you can stream or purchase movies and TV shows. You can search for Raising Hope on to find out if it’s available on any streaming platform or for purchase.

Is Raising Hope coming back for a new season?

Raising Hope, a sitcom created by Greg Garcia, aired for four seasons from 2010 to 2014. The show followed the life of Jimmy Chance, who becomes a single father after a one-night stand with a serial killer. While there have been rumors of potential revivals for other shows created by Greg Garcia, such as My Name Is Earl, there don’t appear to be any discussions or plans to bring back Raising Hope.

The series concluded with its fourth season finale, which provided a sense of closure for the Chance family. The show reached a total of 88 episodes, surpassing the syndication threshold. Despite its dedicated fan base and critical acclaim, Raising Hope came to an end in 2014.

While there may be nostalgia and interest among fans for a potential return of Raising Hope, it seems that the show’s story has been concluded and there are no current plans for new seasons or revivals. However, fans can still enjoy all four seasons of Raising Hope on Hulu.

In conclusion, as of now, Raising Hope is available for streaming on Hulu. While there have been discussions about its availability on other platforms, no official announcements have been made. To stay updated about its availability, you can use websites like Happy streaming!

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