Karns City Football Player Collapses and Dies

Karns City Football Player Collapses and Dies: It has been a tragic period for high school football in Pennsylvania, as players from two different schools have collapsed on the field in the span of just one week. Mason Martin, a quarterback for Karns City High School, and Max Engle, a defensive end for Jersey Shore Area School District, are both currently hospitalized. These unfortunate events have raised concerns about player safety and brought communities together in prayer and support.

Karns City Incident

On September 1, Mason Martin, the quarterback for Karns City High School, collapsed during a game against Redbank Valley. According to reports from KDKA-TV, Martin suffered a “significant brain bleed as well as a collapsed lung.” He was airlifted to UPMC Presbyterian in Pittsburgh, where he is currently fighting for his life. Family and friends, some of whom have known Martin since childhood, gathered outside the hospital for a vigil.

Update on Mason Martin’s Condition

The family of Mason Martin provided an update on his condition through the Karns City Gremlin Football page. According to the WPXI report, Mason has shown some positive signs: moving his arms and legs and responding slightly to light. “This is the first positive step in an extremely long journey,” the family said in a post. Prayer vigils have been held at the hospital and Karns City to support Martin and his family.

Jersey Shore Incident

In a similar but separate incident, Max Engle, a defensive end for the Jersey Shore Area School District, collapsed at the end of a game against Selinsgrove High School. As reported by WTAJ, Engle was taken to the hospital by ambulance, and his current condition is still unknown. His family has requested thoughts and prayers from the school community.

Community Support

Both incidents have led to an outpouring of community support. In the case of Jersey Shore, the Selinsgrove School District’s coaches, players, staff, and administration provided support on and off the field after Engle’s collapse. At Karns City, prayer vigils have been held, and the school district has even organized counseling sessions for students and staff returning to class.


These harrowing incidents have left the communities of Karns City and Jersey Shore praying for the recovery of their young athletes. They also serve as a sobering reminder of the risks associated with contact sports like football. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of Mason Martin and Max Engle, and we hope for their speedy recovery.


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