Karunya Plus Lottery Result Today (12 Oct 2023)

Karunya Plus Lottery: Karunya Plus is one of the weekly lotteries offered by the Kerala State Lottery Department. It is drawn every Thursday at 3 pm and offers a jackpot prize of ₹80 lakh. The ticket price is ₹40 and the lottery code is KN. The lottery also has other prize tiers ranging from ₹8,000 to ₹100. 🎟️

If you have bought a Karunya Plus lottery ticket for today, you must be eager to know the result. Well, you have come to the right place. In this blog post, we will provide you with the latest Karunya Plus lottery result today, as well as some useful information about the lottery. 🙌

Karunya Plus Lottery Result Today (KN-491)

The latest Karunya Plus lottery result for today, Thursday, October 12th, 2023, is as follows:

  • 1st Prize: ₹80 Lakh
    • PB 294042 (THIRUR)
  • Consolation Prize: ₹8,000
    • PA 294042, PC 294042, PD 294042, PE 294042, PF 294042, PG 294042, PH 294042, PJ 294042, PK 294042, PL 294042, PM 294042
  • 2nd Prize: ₹10 Lakh
    • PK 617450 (KOLLAM)
  • 3rd Prize: ₹1 Lakh
    • PA 692750 (MALAPPURAM), PB 313048 (NEYYATTINKARA), PC 306777 (GURUVAYOOR), PD 990965 (ADIMALY), PE 455434 (ERNAKULAM), PF 892646 (MOOVATTUPUZHA), PG 647060 (KANNUR), PH 964956 (WAYANADU), PJ 742090 (ATTINGAL), PK 913682 (PATTAMBI), PL 716518 (IRINJALAKUDA), PM 648205 (KANNUR)
  • 4th Prize: ₹5,000
    • Ending With: 0572, 0576, 0755, 1831, 1910, 2214, 3231, 3548, 3924, 5087, 5632, 5653, 7027, 7600, 7804, 8599, 8679, 9473
  • 5th Prize: ₹1,000
    • Ending With: 0237, 0342, 0441, 0446, 0514, … ,9216 ,9846

The source of this result is Lotto.in, a website that covers every state lottery in India and many international lotteries as well. You can find the latest results, jackpot amounts, how to play guides, and more information on this website. 🙌

How to Claim Your Karunya Plus Lottery Prize

If you are one of the lucky winners of the Karunya Plus lottery today, congratulations! You must be wondering how to claim your prize money. Well, here are some steps you need to follow:

  • First of all, verify your winning ticket number with the official result published by the Kerala State Lottery Department on their website or in the newspaper.
  • Next, sign your name and write your address on the back of your ticket.
  • If your prize money is less than ₹5,000, you can claim it from any authorized lottery agent or retailer in Kerala. They will pay you the amount after deducting the agent’s commission of 10% and the income tax of 30%.
  • If your prize money is more than ₹5,000, you have to surrender your ticket to a bank or a government lottery office along with your identity proof and bank account details. They will verify your ticket and process your payment after deducting the agent’s commission of 10% and the income tax of 30%.
  • You have to claim your prize money within 30 days from the date of the draw. Otherwise, your ticket will become invalid and you will lose your chance to claim your prize.

For more details about the Karunya Plus lottery prize claim and prize structure visit KeralaLotteries.net, a website that provides comprehensive information about Kerala lotteries. 🙌


Karunya Plus is a popular and rewarding lottery that can make your dreams come true. It is also a social welfare scheme that supports various charitable causes in Kerala. By playing Karunya Plus lottery today, you are not only trying your luck but also contributing to a noble cause.

So what are you waiting for? Check your Karunya Plus lottery result today and see if you are the next jackpot winner. Good luck and have fun! 😊

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