Ken Ganley Kia Commercial Actress


If you live in Northeast Ohio, you might have seen the commercials for Ken Ganley Kia, a car dealership that offers great deals on new and used Kia vehicles. The commercials feature a blonde woman who tells the viewers about the various discounts and incentives available at Ken Ganley Kia. But who is this woman and what is her background? In this blog post, we will reveal the identity and some interesting facts about the Ken Ganley Kia commercial actress.

Who is she?

The woman in the Ken Ganley Kia commercials is Jenni Melear, an actor, writer, director and producer. She is best known for her roles in the TV shows “New Girl” and “Shake It Up”. She is also a producer and writer of the award-winning short film “Funny Love”. Jenni married magician and producer Stuart MacLeod in 2017. They have a daughter named Luna, who was born in 2019. Jenni and Stuart own a production company called House MacLeod, which creates content for various platforms.

How did she get the job?

Jenni Melear got the job as the Ken Ganley Kia spokeswoman through an audition process. She said that she was looking for a fun and flexible gig that would allow her to balance her family and career. She also said that she enjoyed working with the Ken Ganley Kia team and that they were very professional and friendly. She said that she liked the Kia brand and that she drove a Kia Soul herself.

What are her other projects?

Besides appearing in the Ken Ganley Kia commercials, Jenni Melear is also working on several other projects. She is currently hosting a radio show on Radio Now 100.9 in Indianapolis, where she talks about music, entertainment and lifestyle topics. She is also developing a comedy series called “The Melears”, which is based on her own family and their adventures in Hollywood. She is also writing a book about her experiences as a mother and an actor.


Jenni Melear is more than just the Ken Ganley Kia commercial actress. She is a talented and versatile performer who has a lot of passion and creativity. She is also a loving wife and mother who juggles her personal and professional life with grace and humor. If you want to know more about her, you can follow her on Instagram @jennimelear or visit her website And if you are looking for a new or used Kia vehicle, you can check out Ken Ganley Kia in Medina, Ohio.

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