Mega Bloks Xbox 360 Target

Mega Bloks Xbox 360 Target: According to a source, Mega Bloks has unveiled a collector’s set that lets fans build a miniature Xbox 360, replete with a copy of Halo 3 and a controller. This homage to the legendary Xbox 360, a console that sold nearly 90 million units and gave us classics like Halo 3, Red Dead Redemption, and Gears of War, is bound to make fans feel nostalgic. The Xbox 360 has had its ups and downs, like the infamous Red Ring of Death and the less-than-stellar Kinect, but it still remains a significant chapter in gaming history.

Intricate Details and Release Date

This Mega Bloks set isn’t just a simple plastic version of the Xbox 360; it contains 1,342 pieces, including some intricate internal components to ensure extra detail. To top it off, the set features working lights and comes in packaging that mimics the original Xbox 360 box. Mark your calendars, as this set will be available exclusively at Target starting October 8th, retailing for $149.99.

The Halo 3 Connection

Fans of Halo 3 would be excited to know that the set comes with a Mega Bloks copy of the game, although it’s not a playable version. The console even features a disc drive where you can place the Halo 3-themed disc to activate the motherboard, adding an additional layer of realism to this collectible. As the product description states, completing this set unlocks the “ultimate achievement,” likely referring to the sense of nostalgia and accomplishment that fans will experience.

Sold Out and Aftermarket

Now, here’s the kicker. If you were planning to pre-order this Mega Bloks Xbox 360 set, you’re out of luck. According to another source, pre-orders have already sold out. Resellers have been quick to put this coveted item up for sale, often at double the price. The set has garnered substantial attention online and sold out within an hour of its initial release, emphasizing its immense popularity.

Will There Be a Restock?

Given the high demand and the fact that it sold out in under an hour, a restock seems likely. Although no official announcements have been made regarding a second production run, the absence of any “limited edition” labeling indicates that we could see more of these sets in the future. Keep your eyes peeled for updates from Mega Bloks, as any restock will likely be limited and sell out quickly.

In Conclusion

For fans who grew up with the Xbox 360, this Mega Bloks set offers a way to reminisce and even share a piece of gaming history with newer generations. Despite its initial sell-out, there’s hope for those who missed the first wave. So if you’re keen on grabbing this collector’s item, stay alert for any news on a possible restock.

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