My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 Release Date

Nearly 20 years after the original became a sleeper hit, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 is set to continue the beloved franchise on September 8, 2023. The Portokalos family is returning for a new adventure, reuniting familiar faces from the first two films. Let’s explore everything we know so far about the third installment in this fan-favorite comedy series.

Release Date and Where to Watch

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 has a theatrical release date of September 8, 2023 in the United States, according to Collider. Focus Features will distribute the film.

It’s unclear if the sequel will also get a simultaneous streaming release. As ComingSoon explains, the previous films are available on HBO Max, so the third movie could land on that platform or Peacock after the theatrical window. Fans will likely be able to stream it by November or December 2023.

The Portokalos Family Returns

Writer and star Nia Vardalos and her on-screen husband John Corbett are back as Toula and Ian, along with daughter Paris played by Elena Kampouris, according to Collider. Other returning cast includes Lainie Kazan as Maria, Andrea Martin as Aunt Voula, Joey Fatone as Cousin Angelo, and more.

The late Michael Constantine is the only major actor not returning after he sadly passed away in 2021. His character Gus was the family patriarch. Newcomer Melina Kotselou also joins the cast in an undisclosed role.

Plot Details

Based on Wikipedia, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 will follow the entire Portokalos family as they travel to Greece for a reunion in a small village to fulfill Gus’ wish.

The synopsis hints at more “love, twists and turns” for the clan, though it’s unclear if there will be another Greek wedding. The previous films in 2002 and 2016 both centered around marital milestones.

According to Collider, the 2016 sequel ended with daughter Paris heading off to college in New York. Bringing the family back together in Greece offers plenty of comedic potential for dysfunctional antics.

Production Details

Principal photography for My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 began on June 22, 2022 in Athens, Greece according to director Nia Vardalos’ social media posts. The shoot also took place on the island of Corfu before wrapping on August 10, 2022.

In addition to directing, Vardalos also wrote the script and reprises her starring role. Producers include Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, who were also involved in the first two films, along with Mark Lyons and Howard Bernstein, Wikipedia reports.

Why Fans Are Excited

The original My Big Fat Greek Wedding became a pop culture sensation back in 2002, grossing over $350 million worldwide on a $5 million budget according to Collider. It stands as one of the most profitable romantic comedies ever.

The franchise captured audiences with its unique perspective on a large Greek-American family’s traditions colliding with middle-class American values. Quirky personalities like Nia Vardalos’ Toula and Andrea Martin’s Aunt Voula left lasting impressions.

While the 2016 sequel wasn’t quite as big of a hit, it still pulled in a respectable $90 million globally. Fans have been eager to catch up with their favorite characters for years now, and the third film will finally fulfill that wish. The Portokalos clan still clearly has more big, fat, Greek adventures left to unfold on screen.

What to Expect from My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3

Based on the ever-growing cast, this next chapter will likely up the anarchy, bickering, and laughs to new heights as the extended family comes together. More commentary on generations clashing over cultural assimilation and identity should arise organically.

With filming completed in Greece, stunning backdrops will transport viewers. Director Nia Vardalos clearly has a deep understanding and affection for these characters, so their emotional journeys should feel authentic.

While matching the lightning-in-a-bottle success of the original is improbable, the third installment will aim to recapture the same heart and humor. Seeing the Portokalos clan back together again will be a nostalgic blast for fans.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 arrives in theaters on September 8, 2023. The next chapter in this beloved franchise has big shoes to fill, but seems ready to deliver more of what audiences enjoy – chaotic family antics wrapped in a warm cultural celebration.

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