New Switch 2 Leaks: A Game-Changer for Nintendo in 2024?

New Switch 2 Leaks: The gaming world is abuzz with rumours about Nintendo’s next big move. The excitement is palpable, with leaks suggesting that the upcoming Nintendo Switch 2 could be as powerful as a PS5 and may even feature Final Fantasy 7 Remake as a launch title. Here’s a detailed dive into all the juicy leaks we’ve gathered.

Switch 2’s Performance Boost

According to Tom’s Guide, the Switch 2 is speculated to be a high-performing console, almost matching the PS5 in power. With Final Fantasy 7 Remake running seamlessly on the new hardware, this could be a significant leap for Nintendo. This comes as a source from Reddit, known for accurate leaks, claims that the console could make FF7R “look and run” like a PS5 game.

Compatibility and Launch Titles

Continuing with the performance capabilities, GameRant further fuels the speculation that the Switch 2 will continue to be a hybrid of a home console and handheld device. Not just that, Square Enix reportedly ported Final Fantasy 7 Remake to the Switch 2 dev kit in no time, raising the possibility that it could be a launch title.

Features: Camera, Backwards Compatibility, and More

A Reddit post quoted by Tom’s Guide discusses the inclusion of new features like a camera function and a focus on VR technology. This will not be Nintendo’s first foray into camera technology as seen with their DSi and 3DS consoles. Backwards compatibility is also a hot topic, and if confirmed, this would enable a seamless transition for current Switch owners to the new system.

Gamescom 2023: A Glimpse into the Future

It’s said that select members of the press had a first-hand experience of the Switch 2 at the Gamescom 2023 tradeshow. If these reports are accurate, an official announcement from Nintendo could be around the corner, especially considering the multiple hints pointing to a 2024 release date according to Tom’s Guide.

Dev Kits and Developer Insights

Further reinforcing these leaks, Dexerto reveals that development kits for the Switch 2 have already been in circulation. Developers from both Sega and Square Enix have reportedly worked on these kits, suggesting that several other big titles may also be available at launch.

Technological Leap and Longevity

The leaks indicate a substantial technological advance for Nintendo. The Switch 2 is expected to solve the performance issues seen in games like Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, as mentioned on GameRant. Moreover, as the Switch has been in the market for over six years, the Switch 2 is anticipated to have a similarly long lifespan, effectively future-proofing the console.


While we still await an official announcement, the leaks suggest that the New Switch 2 could be a game-changer for Nintendo. From powerful specs that rival the PS5, a potential blockbuster launch title in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, and a host of new features, the future looks bright for Nintendo fans. Stay tuned as we await more concrete news.

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