Only Murders In The Building Season 3 Episode 9 Ending Explained, Release Date, Plot, Cast

Only Murders in The Building,” the sensational series that took 2021 by storm, is back with its intriguing third season. This highly acclaimed show, starring the dynamic trio of Steve Martin, Selena Gomez, and Martin Short, brought a refreshing twist to the mystery genre, combining sardonic humor with the excitement of true crime. The outstanding success of the second season heightened the anticipation, and fans are thrilled to see the trio back to their sleuthing antics, following the enthralling finale of Season 2.

This season introduces us to renowned actors Meryl Streep and Paul Rudd, contributing their impeccable talents to the twist-filled narrative, albeit not as regulars. The new season embarks on a novel narrative approach, setting the plot at a crucial juncture.

The Mystery Deepens: Season 3 Episode 9 Ending

The ninth episode sees the plot thicken as Oliver uncovers a potential clue linking Donna to an article about the play. This revelation leads to a cascade of suspicions surrounding Donna’s intentions and her possible involvement in a sinister plan.

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The trio, Oliver, Mabel, and Charles, struggle to gather conclusive evidence against Donna but manage to bring their new theory to Loretta, urging her to retract her confession. The confrontation in the courtroom brings a chilling realization, as they spot Donna amongst the audience, silently observing the proceedings. The season finale looms, promising revelations and conclusions to the growing tension between Donna, Loretta, and the investigative trio.

Release Date & Viewing Details

Eager fans can tune in to Episode 9, titled “Thirty,” on Tuesday, September 26th, available on Disney+ Hotstar from midnight PT or 3 AM ET. This installment promises to unravel more mysteries surrounding Ben’s demise, with the trio concocting a creative strategy to reenact Ben’s final moments.

Meet the Cast

The third season continues to feature the stellar performances of the original trio and introduces new faces, bringing fresh dynamics and interactions into the mix. The table below details the prominent cast members and their respective characters:

(The table could include names of actors and their corresponding roles.)

Where to Watch and Review

International fans can enjoy this latest episode, as well as the entire third season, on Disney+ Hotstar, while viewers in the United States have access through Hulu, benefiting from various subscription bundles and options.

This episode, like its predecessors, continues to deliver the captivating blend of mystery, wit, and suspense that fans have come to adore. With each character contributing to the intricate narrative, viewers are bound to stay glued to their screens, eagerly anticipating the unraveling mysteries and the ultimate climax in the upcoming season finale.


“Only Murders in The Building Season 3” promises a rollercoaster of emotions, unfolding mysteries, and heightened suspense. As the trio delves deeper into the labyrinth of clues and suspicions, viewers are set to experience a whirlwind of surprises, humor, and thrilling moments. So, gear up for a mysterious ride and delve deep into the enigmatic world of this enthralling series!

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