Our Flag Means Death Season 2 Announcement

Our Flag Means Death, the cult pirate series from HBO Max, is finally returning for its second season. After a long hiatus filled with anticipation, fans can breathe a sigh of relief, as the series has set a course to debut this October. Here’s everything we know about the much-anticipated return.

Release Date and Schedule

According to The Popverse, Our Flag Means Death Season 2 will make its debut on October 5th on HBO Max, with the first three episodes releasing initially. After the debut, two episodes will be released weekly until the season finale on October 26th. This release schedule coincides perfectly with the planned appearances of the show’s actors at New York Comic Con 2023, from October 12 through 15.

The Cast

Fans will be delighted to hear that most of the main cast is returning for the second season. Rhys Darby will be reprising his role as Stede Bonnet, and Taika Waititi will be back as Edward “Ed” Teach, AKA Blackbeard. New additions to the cast include Madeline Sami, Anapela Polataivao, Minnie Driver as Annie Bonny, Ruibo Quan as Susan, and Erroll Shand. Unfortunately, Gus Khan revealed last year on Twitter that he wouldn’t be returning for the show’s second season.


Number of Episodes

While the first season comprised 10 episodes, David Jenkins has announced that Season 2 will consist of only 8 episodes, a little disappointing for the fans but certainly enough to keep the hype going.

The Trailer

Although a full-fledged trailer for Season 2 hasn’t been released yet, there is a teaser available for the hungry fans. The teaser hints at the emotional complexities between Stede and Ed and promises some high-adrenaline action sequences, a massive rainstorm, and even an attempted seduction scene involving Anne Bonny.

Filming and Production

The second season wrapped up its filming in December 2022, and production lasted about two months. Interestingly, the filming location for this season shifted from Los Angeles, California, to New Zealand.

The Plot

Set in 1717, the series is a comedy based loosely on the life of Captain Stede Bonnet, a wealthy landowner who turns pirate. Season 2 promises to delve deeper into the relationship between Stede and Ed, exploring emotional complexities and dynamics in their romantic and pirate lives. According to Vanity Fair, the new season will start with our separated lovers navigating misunderstandings, insecurities, and bands of marauding pirates.

What’s Next?

While we’re all anxious for October to roll around, fan theories about the upcoming season are rampant and, according to cast member Con O’Neill, some are eerily close to the truth.

Where to Watch

For viewers in the United States, the second season will be available on HBO Max. International audiences will likely be able to watch it on BBC Two and iPlayer at a later date.


As we hoist the sails for Season 2, fans are advised to stay tuned for more specific announcements regarding release times and other details. From what we can gather, Our Flag Means Death Season 2 is shaping up to be a thrilling and emotionally complex ride that shouldn’t be missed.

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