Pamela Anderson No Makeup: Embracing Natural Beauty

Pamela Anderson, the iconic model and actress, has recently embraced a new makeup-free look. This decision has made headlines and sparked conversations about beauty standards and self-acceptance.

A New Look

Anderson’s decision to go makeup-free was first noticed at Paris Fashion Week. The 56-year-old star arrived at The Row runway show on September 27 without makeup and continued the same beauty routine at the Isabel Marant the next day. She looked happier than ever as she continued her makeup-free spree at the Vivienne Westwood show and Victoria Beckham runway show on September 30.

The Reason Behind the Change

Anderson’s decision to go makeup-free was not planned. She didn’t come to Paris Fashion Week thinking, ‘I’m not gonna wear makeup,’ but something kind of came over her. She was dressing in these beautiful clothes and thought, ‘I don’t want to compete with the clothes.’ She wasn’t trying to be the prettiest girl in the room.

The star is fresh out of the bath with her blonde hair air-dried and only moisturizer on her face — that’s it. She doesn’t have a glam team or a stylist. According to Anderson, her makeup-free status is less of a statement and more of an “experiment”; it’s a way for her to be “a little bit rebellious” in such a public, camera-heavy event like Paris Fashion Week.

Embracing Aging and Self-Acceptance

Anderson’s decision is also part of her current attitude toward aging and loving herself for exactly who she is. “You have to challenge beauty sometimes. If we all chase youth or our idea of what beauty is … we’re only going to be disappointed and maybe a little bit sad,” she explains.

She did question her decision at first, but then she decided to roll with it. “I’m just being me, who I am, in all these great clothes running around Paris. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in my own skin.”

A Tribute to a Friend

Another reason behind Anderson’s decision to go makeup-free is a tribute to her longtime makeup artist, Alexis Vogel, who died from breast cancer in 2019. “She was the best. And since then, I just felt, without Alexis, it’s just better for me not to wear makeup,” Anderson shared.


Pamela Anderson’s decision to go makeup-free is not just about changing her look; it’s about challenging societal beauty standards, embracing aging, and promoting self-acceptance. Her actions remind us that beauty comes in many forms and that being comfortable in one’s own skin is the most important thing.

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