Pokemon Go Battle League Psychic Cup

The Psychic Cup in Pokémon GO Battle League brings a specialized format where trainers exhibit their mastery over the Psychic-type Pokémon, with the league running from September 8 to September 15, 2023. Although the cup is dedicated to Psychic types, the versatile Mew is an exception and won’t be seen battling in this format. Let’s dive into the meta picks and optimal strategies to outsmart your opponents in this unique league.

The Dominant Forces: Meta Picks

In this highly specialized format, certain Pokémon rise as the overlords of the meta, outclassing the rest with their power and utility. Here’s a snapshot of the behemoths you will encounter or might want to consider for your team:

Pokemon Go Battle League Psychic Cup


Malamar cuts through the competition with its triple resistance to Psychic and impactful Foul Plays. While formidable, it needs to watch out for Pokémon like Gardevoir and Medicham, which can withstand its Dark-type onslaughts.


The victory Pokémon, Victini, flaunts its prowess with Quick Attack and the devastating V-Create, requiring opponents to tread cautiously unless they can retaliate with Slowbro or Claydol.


The Steel/Psychic dual type, Bronzong, brings resilience and power to the table, becoming a considerable threat, especially to those unprepared to face Steel-type resistances.


Metagross, another hybrid of Steel and Psychic types, flexes its high stats and Meteor Mash, demanding respect from the battlefield and careful consideration from the opposition.

Shadow Gardevoir

Shadow Gardevoir weaves its magic with fast-charging Charm, imposing massive damage but needs to stay wary of Poison and Steel retaliations.

Crafting the Team: Recommendations

In the landscape shaped by the meta behemoths, constructing a balanced team is a linchpin for triumphing over the adversaries. Here is a balanced ensemble, aiming to cover various aspects of the battle:

  1. Galarian Rapidash: Offering substantial damage with Charm and countering Fighting and Dragon types, it ensures your team has the offensive edge.
  2. Victini: The blend of speed and the ferocity of V-Create, optimized with Quick Attack, ensures the rapid downfall of the foes.
  3. Wobbuffet: With its stamina and the effectiveness of Counter, it serves as the team’s shield, absorbing the blows and maintaining the balance.

The road to victory in the Psychic Cup is paved with strategic shield and energy management and a profound understanding of the opponent’s roster. Deploying your strategies efficiently is the cornerstone of securing your victories.

Concluding Thoughts

As the Psychic Cup unfolds, it’s your chance to prove your mental mettle and ascend the ranks in the Pokémon GO Battle League. May your strategies be flawless, and your Pokémon relentless. Get ready to embrace the psychic energies and emerge as the true Psychic Maestro!

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