Pokemon Go September 2023 Events, Spotlights, and Cliff Counters

Pokemon Go September 2023: Pokemon Go has a full schedule of events, spotlight hours, and challenges coming up in September 2023. Let’s dive into the details so you can make the most of everything happening in the game this month.

September 2023 Spotlight Pokemon

According to FutureGameReleases, September spotlights will feature the following Pokemon:

  • September 5: Wooper with 2x XP, can be Shiny
  • September 13: Poochyena with 2x Catch Candy, can be Shiny
  • September 20: Stunky with 2x Transfer Candy, can be Shiny
  • September 27: Duskull with 2x Catch XP, can be Shiny

The transforming Pokemon Ditto also continues disguising itself as Diglett during September. Be sure to catch every Diglett you see for a chance at unmasking the elusive Ditto!

Upcoming Events and Bonuses

BleedingCool outlined other events happening in Pokemon Go throughout September:

  • September 2: Charmander Community Day Classic
  • September 5-10: Psychic Spectacular event
  • September 8: Full moon event with Clefairy
  • September 13: Bug Out event begins
  • September 16: Bellossom Raid Day
  • September 23: World Tourism Day with region-exclusive Pokemon

There are plenty of chances to catch Shiny Pokemon and capitalize on in-game bonuses this month.

How to Beat Cliff in September 2023

Team Go Rocket boss Cliff has the same lineup in September according to ScreenRant. He starts with Aerodactyl, then chooses Slowking, Gallade, or Cradily. His last Pokemon is Dusknoir, Mamoswine, or Tyranitar.

Lead with Magnezone to counter Aerodactyl. Follow up with Machamp or other Fighting types to defeat Cradily, Tyranitar, and Mamoswine. Gengar provides wide coverage for Cliff’s other Pokemon.

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