Saints Row Developer Volition Shut Down

Saints Row Developer Volition Shut Down: Volition, the studio behind the Saints Row and Red Faction franchises, has closed down after 30 years of game development. Parent company Embracer Group decided to dissolve Volition as part of a major restructuring program immediately.

Volition’s Legacy Over 30 Years

According to IGN, Volition started in 1993 as Parallax Software, creating the Descent series. It rebranded as Volition in 1996 before developing franchises like Red Faction, Summoner, and most famously, Saints Row. Volition was acquired by THQ in 2000, then purchased by Deep Silver’s parent company Koch Media during THQ’s bankruptcy.

As The Verge reports, Volition’s most recent release was a reboot of Saints Row, which received mixed reviews from critics and fans.

Embracer Group Restructuring and Shut Down

According to VGC, parent company Embracer Group announced a major “restructuring program” in June 2022 after a failed $2 billion investment. This involved consolidating operations and terminating some projects and studios. Volition was shuttered as part of this initiative.

Embracer Group has acquired dozens of studios in recent years, including Crystal Dynamics, Gearbox, and Volition’s former owner Deep Silver. It appears scaling back was deemed necessary despite owning valuable IP like Tomb Raider, Borderlands, and Saints Row.

The End of an Era

As Volition stated, their team proudly created beloved games for 30 years that brought joy to fans globally. It’s undoubtedly the end of an era, but Embracer Group has indicated it still owns Volition’s core franchises. While no more games will come from Volition itself, the Saints Row and Red Faction series may live on through new developers.

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