Sistas Season 6 Episode 12: Release Date, Spoilers, and Preview


Sistas is a comedy-drama series created by Tyler Perry that follows the lives of four close friends, Andi, Karen, Danni, and Sabrina, who navigate the challenges of love, work, and friendship in a modern world. The series showcases the humor, drama, and romance that arise from their different personalities, perspectives, and experiences.


The sixth season of Sistas, subtitled Stone Wars – The Final Battle, is currently airing on BET and BET Plus. The season continues the story of the four friends as they deal with new and old relationships, secrets, betrayals, and surprises.

The previous episode, titled “No Turning Back”, aired on August 9, 2023. The episode featured some shocking and emotional moments, such as:

  • Maurice risking his life to help a friend in trouble.
  • Danni’s paranoia ruining her night with Preston.
  • Zac jeopardizing his relationship with Fatima to help Karen in her time of need.
  • Karen and Fatima having a violent confrontation that ended with a gunshot.

Release Date

Sistas Season 6 Episode 12, titled “Daydreams”, is scheduled to be released on Wednesday, October 18, 2023, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on BET and BET Plus1. The episode will also be available on other streaming platforms such as Hulu2 and Amazon Prime Video3 at a later date.


The next episode will resume the story after the mid-season break. The episode will reveal the aftermath of the gunshot and the fate of Karen and Fatima. The episode will also show how Andi, Sabrina, and Danni cope with the situation and support their friends. The episode will also feature some drama and twists involving Gary, Hayden, Tamara, Calvin, Maurice, and Bayo.


You can watch a preview of Sistas Season 6 Episode 12 on YouTube4 or on BET1. The preview shows some scenes from the upcoming episode, such as:

  • Andi fearing for Karen’s life and confronting Gary about his involvement.
  • Gary warning Hayden about Tamara’s motives and intentions.
  • Sabrina learning that Bayo’s financial help has major strings attached.
  • Danni waking up to a surprise visitor at her apartment.

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