TikTok Tunnel Girl Shut Down by Authorities

A Northern Virginia woman known as “Tunnel Girl” on TikTok has gone viral for videos showing her ambitious project to dig a tunnel under her home. However, her underground exploits have now caught the attention of local authorities, who’ve ordered her to halt the dangerous DIY endeavour.

Massive Social Media Following

  • Woman dubbed “Kala the Science Girl” on TikTok
  • 500k+ followers captivated by her tunnel-digging
  • Recent videos detailing project have millions of views

Comments show many fans cheering on and encouraging her quest. But concerns are also rising over safety issues.

Explaining the Tunnel Plan

In an early video from October 2022, Tunnel Girl laid out her goals:

“I’m planning to construct a storm shelter off the side of my basement”

  • Initial motivation was to create emergency bunker
  • Has steadily expanded size and scope of tunnel over 15 months
  • Documented obstacles like welder-caused fires in basement

The tunnel seems to have taken on a life of its own, with Tunnel Girl continuing to dig deeper despite risks.

Forced to Shut Down Excavation

In her latest viral video, however, Tunnel Girl revealed new developments:

“They did give me a stop work order and are requiring an immediate evaluation by a professional engineer.”

  • Town officials conducted inspection after safety complaints
  • Working to get proper permits to resume project
  • But for now, tunneling activities halted

While defiant, she has had to pause her subterranean operation for now.

Ongoing Safety Concerns

Neighbours have mixed opinions on the tunnel saga in their community:

  • One man called it “definitely a first” for the area
  • Worried about lack of precautions endangering surrounding homes

And local authorities seem unwilling to allow Tunnel Girl to continue without significant oversight and planning.

This TikTok tale attracted the attention of regulators much like other viral stories. Will Tunnel Girl manage to get approval to keep following her underground dreams eventually? For now, the digging has reached a dead end.

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