Unravelling the Mystery of Hive Elemental Runes in Destiny 2’s Lost Sectors

Hive Elemental Runes in Destiny 2’s Lost Sectors: Destiny 2 has consistently kept players on their toes with engaging quests, and Season of the Witch is no different. This season introduces a new questline called “The Bladed Path,” where players must attune with Hive Elemental Runes in Lost Sectors. While it sounds straightforward, the quest can get a tad confusing. This blog post aims to guide you through the entire process using information from two trusted sources: GameSpot and DualShockers.

Preparing for the Quest: The Basics

Before you start, make sure you’ve completed the first week of “The Bladed Path” questline. Once that’s done, you’ll be directed to the HELM space, where Eris Morn’s Ritual Table will allow you to pick an element to attune with—Arc, Solar, or Void. Choosing an element that corresponds with the ammo of a weapon you own is advisable. Doing so will make your journey easier when it comes to specific tasks later on.

Your Elemental Journey Begins

After choosing your element, your task is to defeat combatants using your selected element’s damage type in Savathun’s Throne World or other seasonal activities. You’ll gain more progress by defeating powerful combatants. Recommended locations for this include Altars of Summoning or Savathun’s Spire in the Throne World. To speed things up, equip a weapon and subclass that correspond with your chosen element.

Lost Sectors and Elemental Runes

Next, you’ll need to head to a Lost Sector in the Throne World. The Lost Sector you visit will depend on the element you’ve chosen:

  • Solar: Metamorphosis Lost Sector (Miasma region)
  • Arc: Extraction Lost Sector (Quagmire region)
  • Void: Sepulcher Lost Sector (Florescent Canal region)

Upon reaching your designated Lost Sector, you’ll encounter Hive Elemental Runes. These are specific symbols placed on the walls, designed to match the color of the element you’ve chosen.

Shooting the Runes

The objective here is to shoot five Hive Elemental Runes using the elemental damage that matches your attuned element. If you chose Solar, for instance, you would need to shoot the runes in the Metamorphosis Lost Sector using a Solar weapon. Once you’ve successfully shot all five runes, they will light up, indicating you’ve completed this part of the quest.

Solving Riddles and Rewards

If you chose Solar attunement, DualShockers mentions a riddle you’ll need to solve in the Metamorphosis Lost Sector. You don’t actually have to complete the Lost Sector, solve the riddle. To do this, look for glowing orange Hive Runes and shoot them with your Solar weapon. A ritual will spawn at the exit gate; interact with it to complete the Solar Attunement process.

After completing these steps, you’ll earn various rewards, including Opaque Cards for the Deck of Whispers, Witch’s Engrams, Feeble Offerings, Robust Offerings, and one Powerful Offering.

Wrapping Up

Congratulations! You’re all set to continue your journey on “The Bladed Path.” You have successfully attuned with the Hive Elemental Runes and can now focus on other seasonal challenges. As you proceed, remember that the element you choose at the beginning of the season will impact your path, but you will be able to attune with all elements by the end of the season. Happy gaming, Guardians!

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