The Stealthy Hunters

Explore the presence and impact of crocs and gators in US waters.

Alligators Vs Crocodiles

Distinguish between the two by observing their snouts and temperaments.

Widespread Presence

Learn about the extensive range of habitats of these creatures from Texas to the Carolinas.

South Florida Encounters

Experience the lurking danger in South Florida’s canals housing both alligators and crocodiles.

Urban Invasion

See how human encroachment drives these reptiles into urban waters.

Crocodile Attacks

Witness the potential danger and history of crocodile attacks in the US.

Trapping & Deterrence

Discover Florida’s methods in deterring crocs from residential areas.

Invasion of the Nile Crocs

Meet the invasive and aggressive Nile crocodiles in the Florida Everglades.

Oklahoma’s Hidden Danger

Unveil the unseen peril of alligators residing in southern Oklahoma’s waters.

Winter Survivors

Learn how alligators survive freezing conditions by snorkeling through the ice.