Active 2023 Hurricane Season: 2023 sees Hurricane Norma targeting Mexico's Los Cabos and the new Hurricane Tammy approaching the Caribbean.

Current Hurricane Warnings: Both Mexico and the Caribbean have issued urgent hurricane warnings in response.

Mainland U.S. Status: The U.S. mainland remains unaffected directly, but remnants of Norma might bring needed rain to central U.S.

Norma's Trajectory: By Saturday, Norma, with winds of 110 mph, is predicted to approach resorts in Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo.

Expert Insight: Hurricane specialist, John Cangialosi, suggests Norma will move north, then linger near southern Baja California Peninsula.

Anticipated Impacts: Heavy rainfall from Norma is expected from Friday, which might lead to flash floods and potential mudslides.

Tourist Status in Los Cabos: Despite the impending hurricane, Los Cabos' hotels are three-quarters full, with minimal tourist movement.

Preparatory Measures: 500 troops have been deployed for storm preparations in the resort, with plans for potential emergency shelters.

Hurricane Tammy's Formation: Meanwhile, in the Atlantic, Hurricane Tammy emerges, heading towards the Leeward Islands, with threats of heavy rainfall, flash floods, and mudslides.