What Does Brooke Hogan Do For a Living Now?

Brooke Hogan, the daughter of wrestling legend Hulk Hogan, first splashed onto the entertainment scene as a teen pop singer and reality show star. But after some detours into country music and acting, her path took an unexpected design-centric twist more recently.

Let’s trace Brooke’s winding career journey to modern-day thriving as a full-time business owner of her passion project – BB Designs, an interior decor firm.

Early Fame Pursuits

Born in 1988 to famous father Terry “Hulk Hogan” Bollea, Brooke Ellen Bollea faced instant name recognition. But she also harbored creative passions beyond wrestling storylines.

Brooke first chased musical success encouraged by Dad Hulk’s connections. She recorded her debut single, “Everything To Me,” in 2004 at 15. More pop-flavoured tracks followed as she toured with ascendant icon Hillary Duff on the “Most Wanted” trek.

Reality TV exposure meanwhile came alongside Hogan family hijinks showcasing their eccentric home lifestyle. Brooke subsequently attempted transitions into country music and acting gigs with moderate traction. But an entrepreneurial calling ultimately redirected her destiny most recently.

Interior Design Company CEO

In 2021, after dabbling in decor, Brooke manifested a vision for a modern yet timeless interior fashion house, BB Designs. She develops signature styles melding glamorous and transitional silhouettes for residential or commercial clients.

As principal owner and visionary, typical work days entail:

➕ Overseeing designers conceiving room concepts

➕ Selecting furniture/accents showcasing the brand

➕ Networking with vendors including market visits

➕ Promoting via social media and press outreach

This full-scale operation immerses Brooke as she puts a stamp on the industry. But how did such specific small business ambitions arise?

Inspired Beginnings of BB Designs

Brooke pinpoints a 2020 home renovation project stirring initial interior design sparks. While revamping her own residence, she discovered a knack for décor problem-solving and infusing personality through furniture vignettes.

Soon, family and friends solicited redesign requests, witnessing Brooke’s standout styling capacity. Her services gained increased local word-of-mouth buzz as she honed her instincts.

After contemplating a formal educational program, Brooke ultimately trusted her intuition and experience, launching BB Designs instead. The fledgling firm allowed focusing creative spirit entirely on crafting beautifully balanced client spaces.

With HQ set up in Nashville, Tennessee, BB Designs creates furniture/staging for:

➕ Apartments

➕ Condos

➕ Showrooms

➕ Model units

➕ More

Specializing in neutral, livable luxury for metropolitan areas, Brooke’s curation also extends concierge support guiding full-room makeovers. But running a small studio poses inevitable challenges…

Navigating Design Business Obstacles

Expanding any entrepreneurial startup confronts steep learning curves. Brooke openly shares advice for new designers, spotlighting early pitfalls she overcame, including:

➢ Finding reliable vendors and contractors

➢ Balancing creativity with practical constraints

➢ Avoiding underbidding projects at unsustainable rates

Transparent perspectives dispel illusions that building design empires flows effortlessly simply given her privilege. The reality entailed sizable early missteps and fumbled time/money investments.

But Brooke persisted through hurdles, embracing mentor insights. Her drive towards a clearer creative purpose outweighed any temporary setbacks or outside skepticism regarding qualifications.

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Interior Design Services, Philosophies & Projects

Now with several years helming BB Designs, Brooke inhabits chief interior decorator authority fully. Core services blend aesthetics with functionality across residential, retail and other spaces.

Guiding philosophies prioritize flexibility, allowing room use modification over time. Brooke also stresses selecting durable furnishings built to endure family living.

Notable projects to-date include reimagining:

➕ Condo community social lounge

➕ Church conference gathering hub
➕ Showhome model kitchen

Overseeing such niche regional contracts spotlights hands-on small business trajectories. Her brand constantly expands through word-of-mouth referrals thanks to customized experiences.

While further growing BB Designs occupies immediate attention, Brooke also balances parenting her teenage son. Beyond bustling CEO duties, she continues nurturing family bonds outside professional realms.

The Road Ahead

Towards 2024, Brooke Hogan channels demons from detoured careers into spearheading her flourishing design headquarters. What lies ahead for this revitalized multi-hyphenate?

2023Planning retail space doubling as design studio welcome center
2024Potential podcast development mentoring aspiring female entrepreneurs
2025Expanding team and specialized service offerings as clientele widens

From glitzy pop music beginnings to heading a regional decor firm, Brooke’s destiny still surfaces through consistently nurturing creativity. Her former reputation as a Hollywood wild child dissolved into renewed purpose, empowering residential visions while guiding other business hopefuls simultaneously.


The sheer breadth of Brooke’s professional undertakings dazzles – reality star, singer, wrestler, actress and now principal designer. This ever-evolving portfolio confirms her nickname, “Queen of Adaptability”.

But interior decor finally unlocked vocational vehicles, optimizing Hogan’s talents from myriad roads travelled. By founding BB Designs, she transformed small-scale zeal into a thriving full-time career. However, the next reinvention manifests, expect this driven dynamo to continue chasing horizons limitless as imagination.

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