What Time is the Golden Bachelor Wedding on?

The Golden Bachelor made history by featuring lead Gerry Turner, 72, and contestants all aged 65+. Gerry ended up proposing to 70-year-old Theresa Nist in the finale. Now, their wedding will be the first Bachelor Nation marriage in over a decade. Here are the details on when you can watch their golden nuptials.

What Time is the Golden Bachelor Wedding on

Gerry and Theresa’s Connection

After tragically losing their spouses in recent years, both Gerry and Theresa found love again on The Golden Bachelor season.

  • Gerry proposed to Theresa over runner-up Leslie
  • He was drawn to Theresa’s vibrant personality and sincerity
  • The two bonded over shared grief of losing longtime partners

Since the show, they have showcased their relationship in public and clearly remain smitten.

Historic Golden Bachelor Wedding Event

ABC is airing Gerry and Theresa’s wedding as a special episode:

  • Airing live on January 4th at 8PM ET
  • Officiated by popular contestant Susan Noles
  • Available next day on Hulu

It marks the first Bachelor franchise marriage in over 10 years.

Short But Passionate Courtship

Gerry and Theresa will tie the knot just months after getting engaged in September 2023.

  • Met in May 2023 when show filmed
  • Engaged 4 months later
  • Fastest turnaround from engagement to wedding ever for Bachelor Nation

The abbreviated courtship highlights the passion and certainty between the golden couple.

A Reunion for the Ages

All of Gerry’s former contestants have been invited to the wedding.

  • Chance for a momentous reunion
  • Leslie and others heartbroken by rejection could appear
  • Adds element of drama and uncertainty

It will be fascinating to watch old feelings, tensions, and connections resurface.

Not Your Average Bachelor Nation Wedding

While the shortened timeline to marriage is extreme even by Bachelor standards, the senior citizen love story offers a wonderfully unique perspective.

In the youth-obsessed world of reality television, Gerry and Theresa’s romance represents a breath of fresh air. Their golden years glow radiates joy and inspiration.

And it all culminates in wedding bells on January 4th – don’t miss out!

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