Who Is Brooke Hogan Married To

Brooke Hogan, the daughter of wrestling icon Hulk Hogan, has essentially grown up in the spotlight. So when reports emerged this January revealing she privately wed Canadian hockey player Steven Oleksy back in the summer 2022, fans expressed understandable shock at the stealthy nuptials.

Let’s explore this surprising celeb union by examining how the couple connected, key wedding day details and plans for their private married future.

The Path to Coupledom

Brooke Hogan, now 35, previously endured public breakups with suitors like musician Stack$ and actor Phil Costa post-engagement. Afterwards, she intentionally retreated from dates, preferring self-love.

But around 2020, through mutual friends, Brooke crossed paths with Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman Steven Oleksy, 37. Sparks subsequently flourished into an inseparable bond cemented by shared values.

Despite higher profiles, both Brooke and Steven cherish privacy – a precedence their secretive wedding upheld, entering marital bliss away from prying eyes.

Key Details on the Big Day

After several years of commitment, Brooke and Steven staged an intimate June 2022 elopement attended only by their families’ inner circles. The ceremony went down in Orlando, Florida near Hulk Hogan’s longtime residence.

TMZ shared a wedding photo depicting beaming smiles as the newlyweds held bouquets and locked hands. Brooke radiated bridal beauty in a classy white dress while Steven complemented in sharp black suit.

Though specifics remain closely guarded, their simplistic nuptials reflect a couple anchored in life’s deeper meaning – no celebrity frills required.

Guest Insights on the Happy Couple

Understandably amidst privacy preferences, Brooke and Steven maintain relatively low profiles discussing personal lives publicly. But a friend offering People Magazine exclusive wedding insights attests genuine magnetism between the pair.

“It was a small, private and intimate wedding. Brooke looked beautiful in her wedding dress. She and Steven are both very family-oriented and wanted to celebrate their love with just their closest family and friends,” the source confirmed.

The insider added: “They are both very happy and excited to start their new life together as husband and wife.”

So despite any projected perceptions of mismatched fame pedigrees, shared moral compasses bred an authentic soulmate connection flourishing covertly.

The deciding factor? In the friend’s estimation: “They’ve been inseparable ever since and are very happy together.”

Brooke’s Background and Accomplishments

Beyond recognized surname, Brooke forged her own path within entertainment – first on Hogan Knows Best before segueing into music.

➕ Appeared on reality show beside Hulk, mom Linda and brother Nick

➕ Launched singing career in mid-2000s earning hit “About Us”

➕ Recently started apparel line BB Designs headquartered in Nashville

So, while Father Hulk’s shadow looms large, Brooke remains a driven creative force in various avenues, including business ventures.

Steven’s Hockey Journey to the Bigs

Meanwhile, Steven Olesky cultivated a hockey passion since childhood that carried him to ice’s biggest stage.

After NCAA standout years, minor league dues led to NHL opportunities with Washington, Buffalo and Toronto franchises as gritty defensemen. He continues lacing up skates professionally today.

So, between Brooke’s entertainment accolades and Steven’s athletic achievements, mutual ambition bonds their worlds seamlessly.

Marriage Built Around Values, Not Vanity

Despite high wattage backgrounds, neither Brooke nor Steven fixate on fame trappings. Steven’s reaction to public wedding acknowledgements says it all:

“I value privacy on a deep level, but I guess some secrets are just too amazing to hide forever.”

Indeed, the couple opts to revel privately in blessings outside the limelight’s glare. A refreshing perspective further reinforced by Brooke herself in recent years…

“For my own journey to healing and happiness, I have chosen to create some distance between myself and my family, and am focusing on people and things that heal my heart…”

With Steven, it appears Brooke discovered someone respecting her self-care stance beyond status perks – a profound foundation for nurturing their intimacy, shielding sacred commitments from the media spotlight, and always seeking Hogan angles. In the process, Brooke also cultivated autonomy redefining identity on her own terms.

Through a love built on shared values rather than vanity alone, this unlikely celeb couple rewrites customary scripts.

The Road Ahead

As 2023 dawns, Mr. and Mrs. Oleksy toast new beginnings while establishing newlywed rhythms privately. With Steven continuing his professional hockey career and Brooke expanding her apparel catalog, their bond withstands bipolar schedules.

Steven OleksyBrooke Hogan
He prefers avoiding fame spectacleExpanding Clothing Line
Won ECHL Kelly Cup in 2021Launched ’24 Wedding Collection
Won Stanley Cup w/ Capitals (’18)Prefers avoiding fame spectacle

And when frenzied careers align, permitting treasured downtime? Travel adventures stir passions for the outdoors and nature’s sanctuaries. Whatever the backdrop, their rhythm remains unbroken.

Because at a core level, Steven and Brooke formed a formidable team – partners, soulmates and spouses writing early chapters of a lasting love legacy manufactured through equal care, compassion and priorities crafted not for magazines but rather the heart’s perpetual happiness.


While flashy weddings capture headlines frequently in entertainment circles, Brooke Hogan and Steven Oleksy’s private celebration crystallizes counterintuitive celebrity relationship trends. By bonding organically over character rather than status, their bonds authentically blossomed out of public eye.

May we all draw similar inspiration valuing intimacies above Instagram likes when discovering our own soulmates’ fame pedigrees regardless. Brooke and Steven’s discretion shields fulfilment; fickle limelights are often corrupt, given patience. Here’s wishing the newlyweds continued health, happiness and honesty, carrying marital bliss forward!

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