Who Is Esme On General Hospital?

Esme Prince is a mysterious and manipulative character who has caused a lot of trouble in Port Charles since being introduced on General Hospital in August 2021. Portrayed by actress Avery Kristen Pohl, Esme has become a key antagonist on the long-running ABC daytime drama.

Esme’s Mysterious Backstory

When Esme first appeared in Port Charles, very little was known about her background except that she attended boarding school in France with Spencer Cassadine and returned to town with him as his girlfriend. Esme helped Spencer try to break up his father Nikolas Cassadine and Ava Jerome as part of her scheme to infiltrate the rich and powerful Cassadine family. In typical soap opera fashion, Esme’s history was slowly revealed over time to be much darker than originally thought.

Esme’s Connection to Ryan Chamberlain

An early sign that there was more to Esme than met the eye was her bizarre fascination with notorious serial killer Ryan Chamberlain. Viewers learned that Esme had somehow obtained Ryan’s literary work from his time in prison. She also snuck away from boarding school in France to visit Ryan behind bars on multiple occasions prior to coming to Port Charles. Esme’s obsession with the homicidal maniac raised major red flags about her mental state.

Esme’s Reign of Terror in Port Charles

Once in Port Charles, Esme wasted no time wreaking havoc. She ruthlessly slandered and blackmailed anyone who got in her way in an effort to destroy Nikolas’ relationship with Ava and sink the Jerome family. Esme also feuded with Spencer’s friends, particularly Josslyn Jacks, Cameron Webber, and Trina Robinson. Her schemes culminated in orchestrating a sex tape scandal that temporarily ostracized both Trina and Cameron from their friend group.

Esme’s Parents Revealed

In a shocking twist, Ryan Chamberlain was revealed to be Esme’s biological father. Her birth mother turned out to be none other than the equally demented Heather Webber. The deranged genetics explain why Esme seems hardwired for malevolence. She is the spawn of two infamous maniacs, which lands her high on the list of Port Charles’ most dangerous villains.

Esme’s Pregnancy by Nikolas Cassadine

In yet another jaw-dropping development, Esme ended up pregnant following a drunken one-night stand with Nikolas. Desperate to keep the indiscretion a secret from Ava, Nikolas took Esme hostage at Spoon Island. There, he plotted with nurse Elizabeth Baldwin to erase Esme’s memory after she gave birth so she wouldn’t remember him as the baby’s father.

Esme’s Escape and Accident

Refusing to hand her baby over to Nikolas, Esme set fire to Wyndamere and fled. However, she took a shocking fall off a parapet and landed unconscious in the water below. After being rescued, Esme awoke in the hospital with no memory of recent events – including her pregnancy.

Esme Gives Birth

Despite her amnesia, Esme’s pregnancy continued until she went into labor at Wyndamere and gave birth to a baby boy with help from Kevin Collins and Laura Collins. Still struggling with missing memories, Esme had no recollection of how she got pregnant or who fathered her son.

Esme Regains Memories

Over time, Esme started to regain scattered memories of Ryan, Heather, and being held prisoner by Nikolas. As more fragments returned, she realized Nikolas was her baby’s father and had conspired to steal the child from her. Esme also came to terms with being the offspring of two notorious killers and resolved not to repeat their mistakes.

Esme’s Crimes Revealed

With her memory back, Esme seemed poised to face serious criminal charges for her past schemes. However, when Spencer, Trina, Cameron, and Josslyn had a change of heart, all charges against Esme were dropped. She was released from custody but faced a custody battle with Nikolas over their baby boy.

In the ever-changing world of soaps, almost anything could happen next with Esme. One thing is for certain – she promises to be a thorn in Port Charles’ side for the foreseeable future!

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