Who is Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Husband? Inside Her Marriage and Divorce

Marjorie Taylor Greene, the polarizing Republican U.S. Representative from Georgia, endured a divorce from her long-time husband, Perry Greene, in 2022. But who was the man Greene was married to for over 25 years? Why did Marjorie split from Perry as her political star rose? And who is Greene romantically tied to now post-divorce? Let’s unravel the winding personal life behind Greene’s public persona.

Introducing Marjorie’s Ex-Husband, Perry Greene

Perry Greene maintained a relatively low profile during his marriage to his newsworthy wife, Marjorie Taylor Greene. But some key biographical background:

  • Born in 1970 in Georgia (age 53 as of 2023)
  • Met Marjorie Taylor (maiden name) in 1992 at age 22
  • Married Taylor in 1995 when she was 20 years old
  • Fathered three children together: Lauren, Taylor, and Derek

So while generally avoiding headlines, Perry and Marjorie shared nearly three decades raising children and building businesses together prior to recently finalizing divorce terms after a two-year separation.

Perry Greene’s Career and Business Ventures

Unlike his now ex-wife, Perry Greene worked quietly over the decades in construction and CrossFit gym ownership:

Career Timeline

  • Founded Taylor Construction company together in 2002
  • Continued daily management of successful firm
  • Took break 2017-2019 to pursue side business below:

Stint as Gym Owner

  • Opened CrossFit gym affiliate 2013-2017
  • Closed gym after losing libel lawsuit filed by rival owner

Aside from some legal troubles around his fitness venture, Perry devoted decades growing Taylor Construction alongside Marjorie until she shifted to politics full-time.

Marjorie’s Entry into Politics Via Perry’s Business

Frustrations Perry endured over construction permitting processes motivated Taylor Greene to launch her political career:

  • Complained of expensive delays for their company’s licenses/applications
  • Began scrutinizing local political incumbents obstructionist policies
  • Ran for Congress in 2020 citing regulatory burdens on family business

So Perry’s negative experiences operating Taylor Construction directly fed Marjorie’s anti-government political outlook and populist “outsider” identity adopted ahead of her initial Congressional campaign.

Strains Emerge Between Taylors During Marjorie’s Rise

According to divorce filings, the Taylors experienced marital difficulties as Marjorie concentrated more on polarizing political crusades. Specific strains arose over:

  • Marjorie frequently traveling to D.C. or donor events
  • Increased security concerns and threats surrounding family
  • Growing renown bringing public scrutiny on Perry’s private life

The visibility and volatility accompanying Greene’s MAGA-wing noteriety seemingly took its toll on the relationship behind closed doors.

Greene and Perry Announce 2022 Divorce

After over 25 years together, Marjorie and Perry formally commenced divorce in early 2022. Custody of their adult children proved non-contentious.

While neither elaborated on reasoning for the split, the couple issued joint statements suggesting amicable parting terms:

Marjorie Taylor Greene

“Perry and I have been married for 27 years and have 3 amazing kids. While we never really saw things politically the same, we shared many of the same conservative values…I’ll always be grateful for how great of a dad he was to our children.”

Perry Greene

“Marjorie has been my best friend for the last 29 years and she has been an amazing mom! Our family is our most important thing we have done. As we go on different paths we will continue to focus on our 3 incredible kids and their future endeavors.”

So unlike most Congressional divorces, Greene’s breakup seemingly avoided heated legal fights for a relatively peaceful resolution.

With the former Taylors settling separation terms cooperatively late 2022, Marjorie soon showcased a controversial new suitor.

Greene’s New Extramarital Relationship Draws Headlines

Shortly following news of her divorce in early 2022, Greene faced media attention over an extramarital affair with a controversial gym owner years her junior:

New Boyfriend Spotlight

  • Name: Justin Tway
  • Age: 32 (21 years younger than Greene)
  • Location: Rome, GA
  • Occupation: Owns Rome Fitness gym

Relationship Timeline

  • Met at Tway’s gym during Greene’s 2020 election run
  • Bonded training together over months
  • Romance emerged in mid to late 2021
  • Tabloids uncovered Tway had a wife and children

This scandalous relationship grabbed eyeballs given the significant age difference alongside respective marital statuses. It also fueled accusations of hypocrisy based on Greene’s conservative “family values” branding.

While neither commented on the specifics, Tway and Greene’s evident affair added soap opera-like controversy given her political platform and base.

Conclusion: Winding Romantic History Shadowing Political Stardom

Behind Congressional bomb-thrower Marjorie Taylor Greene’s rapid rise, a more complex romantic past and present exist than her “traditional values” outward persona suggests. Her recent divorce from steady – if less newsworthy – husband Perry provided a rare look into Greene’s closely guarded private life. Revelations of the extramarital relationship precipitating her split sparked tabloid-style headlines as well.

As Greene sustains her trajectory as a lighting rod touting an iron-clad conservative morality, the relationship drama introduces intriguing dissonance from this narrative. While Perry Greene shuns attention aside his decades-old contracting business, Greene seems to covet perpetual controversy across professional and personal levels alike. So with Greene back sowing public outrage through political antics post-divorce, don’t expect scrutiny around her unprecedented new partnership to dissipate anytime soon either.

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