Who is the Tube Girl on Tiktok?

Tube Girl, also known as Sabrina Bahsoon, is a TikToker and model who has gained popularity for her viral videos dancing on the London Tube. She first started posting content on TikTok in 2020, including lip dub trends, comedy videos, and fashion content. However, it wasn’t until August 2023 that she gained viral acclaim with a video where she confidently dances and lip dubs to Nicki Minaj’s part of the song “Where Them Girls At” while traveling on the London Tube. This video garnered over 6 million views in just a month and inspired her to continue posting videos where she dances confidently on the Tube to a selection of songs.

Tube Girl’s Impact on TikTok

Tube Girl has become an inspiration for many TikTok users who want to dance like her and exude confidence. Her videos have sparked a trend, with viewers attempting to dance and lip dub in public like Tube Girl. She has even caught the attention of Tate Mcrae, whose song “Greedy” she often dances to. Tube Girl’s confidence has also inspired other TikTokers and have posted their own videos attempting to dance on the subway to the “Yummy” remix to build their confidence.

Popular Songs and Trends

Some of the most popular songs Tube Girl tends to dance to include “Where Them Girls At,” the unreleased Tate Mcrae song “Greedy,” and “Water” by Tyla. However, one song that has stood out to viewers is a remix of “Yummy” by Ayesha Erotica and “Righteous” by Mo Beats known as “Righteous x Yummy”. This song has been used in several of Tube Girl’s videos since hitting it big with an 11 million-view video, earning it its own nickname as the “Tube Girl song.”

Inspiration and Trending Videos

Tube Girl’s impact on TikTok can be seen through the numerous edits and videos referencing her content. Many viewers have been inspired by her confidence and have attempted to recreate her dance moves in public spaces. The trend has gained traction, with other TikTokers joining in and posting their own videos dancing on subways or trains. The popularity of Tube Girl’s videos has even led to behind-the-scenes footage being recorded by other TikTokers, offering an interesting look at the making of her content.

In Conclusion

Tube Girl, also known as Sabrina Bahsoon, is a TikToker who gained viral fame for her confident dancing on the London Tube. Her videos have inspired many TikTok users to dance like her and exude confidence in public spaces. With her catchy song choices and unique dance moves, Tube Girl has become a main character on TikTok and continues to inspire others with her content.

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