Who Killed Sully in ‘Top Boy’? An Exploration into the Unanswered Questions

Who Killed Sully in ‘Top Boy? The gritty crime drama, ‘Top Boy,’ has concluded its fifth and final season on Netflix, leaving viewers with a multitude of questions. The show, originally started in 2011 and revived by Netflix in 2019, explores the drug trade in London’s fictional Summerhouse estate. This article will focus on the most burning question left by the show’s final episodes: Who killed Sully? We will use information provided by two articles: one by NME and the other by Digital Spy.

The Finale’s Shocking Moments

Going into the finale, viewers were uncertain if either Dushane or Sully would survive, let alone retain their empire. Dushane is informed that he’s wanted for a murder, and he steals Sully’s stash in a desperate attempt to flee the country. Sully, in turn, tracks Dushane down and shoots him. Just when we think Sully will reign as the ‘Top Boy,’ he is shot dead in his car by a mysterious figure. (Source: NME)

Possible Suspects: Stef

Stef, whose older brother Jamie was killed by Sully in season four, is a prime suspect. The figure who kills Sully is seen wearing a dark, hooded jacket similar to Stef’s. However, the figure appears to be taller and have lighter-colored hair, making it a topic open to interpretation. (Source: NME, Digital Spy)

Possible Suspects: Isaac, Jaq, and The McGee Family

Other potential killers include Isaac, who might want payback for Sully killing his men, and Jaq, who might have wanted to protect herself and her family after stealing Sully’s stash. The McGee family, an Irish gang with ambitions to take over Sully’s territory, could also be implicated. (Source: NME)

Additional Theories: Digital Spy’s Suspects

Digital Spy lists six suspects, including Stef and Jaq, but also considers Si, Bradders, Rowmando, Samsi, and Erin. Si and Sully had bad blood between them due to gang rivalry, making Si a plausible suspect. Bradders was caught in the feud between Dushane and Sully, and could have sought revenge. Rowmando and Samsi might have acted on behalf of Bradders, and Erin could have acted due to a convoluted set of grievances. (Source: Digital Spy)

Conclusion: A Mystery Left Unsolved

With no new episodes to look forward to, the show leaves us with this ambiguous ending, leaving viewers to theorize who the killer might be. Multiple characters in the show had reasons to harm Sully, making the identity of the killer a tantalizing mystery. As it stands, we can only speculate, hoping that one day this question might be answered.

Would you like to know more? All episodes of season 5 of ‘Top Boy’ are available to stream on Netflix.

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